Accountability:  They won’t let you fall off the wagon. They will be there to remind you when you need it.
Variety: They will continue to make your regimen fun and interesting.
Efficiency:  Maximum results for the limited time you have.
Safety:  Your trainer will teach you how to use equipment properly and perform moves safely.
Enhanced joint movement
Increased strength
Better coordination
Improved cardio-respiratory function
Personal Training

Experienced in working with older adults, we can empathize with clients. Trainers are always on site ready to assist you when needed. They will help guide you to make sure that equipment is being used safely and that your technique is optimal, even if you didn’t sign up for a training package.

Programs Manager, Martin Van Zanten, has designed all programs and classes to accommodate the concerns of older adults. He is also a Body Transformation Specialist having helped dozens of clients lose hundreds of pounds and keep them off long-term. Martin and his team can tailor a program specific to your concerns, whether you are dealing with diabetes, high cholesterol, extra weight, arthritis, high blood pressure, recovering from an accident, heart attack or stroke - our professional team will help you stay motivated, recover faster and ditch the extra pounds - all while performing exercises that are safe and effective. Contact us today to find out how you can start your personalized fitness regimen with one of our expert trainers.
Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Our physiotherapist and his team have seen tremendous rehabilitation success in short periods of time because of their interdisciplinary approach and commitment to tailoring modalities specific to their patients’ needs.

They equip you to deal with the realities of life outside the clinical setting by teaching you the most effective exercises which you can easily repeat and adapt wherever you are. Whether you were injured lifting a heavy object, or after a strenuous round of golf - this holistic approach to living an active and healthy life will help you live pain free and allow you to regain your independence.

Avalon Fitness’ physiotherapist Paul Godlweski, is fully certified, keeps up with current standards and has advanced specializations in areas that other gyms (let alone clinics) just don’t offer, including Vestibular Rehabilitation which deals with vertigo and related conditions.
Physiotherapy Benefits
Massage is a powerful tool with applications far beyond relaxation. Juan Echevarria, Avalon Fitness’Registered Massage Therapist, is a true master of wellness. Juan’s unique mixed approach to massage brings in the best of the physical and emotional spheres of healing.

He has helped clients with both chronic and acute conditions ranging from sports and brain injuries to orthopedic injuries, strokes, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and peripheral nerve damage achieve pain relief, relaxation, better sleep, increased energy and immunity.

Juan’s many talents include Advanced Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Structural Balance, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Indie Head Massage, Suikodo and Lomi Lomi. Clients often tell us they can’t wait to return to experience the quiet calm and vitality that comes from his unmatched ability to balance mind and body.
reduce stress
decrease anxiety
relieve pain
melt away tension
increase circulation
improve sleep
boost immunity
Massage has been proven to…
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