Our members tell us all the time that they couldn’t have achieved their success if it were not for our caring staff, excellent services and amazing facilities.

Real Member Testimonials…

I joined Avalon Fitness 5 years ago at the age of 59. Prior to that I had never been a member of a gym, nor had I exercised in any shape or form. I started slowly and can remember going 3 km/hr on the treadmill and not feeling that I could let go of the sides because I thought I’d fall off. Everyone starts there!!

Over time I became more comfortable with working out on the machines and equipment and then I partnered up with another lady for semi-private training sessions…that was the beginning of my more in-depth interest in the gym and what can be achieved…because I felt so good!

The beauty of Avalon Fitness is the wonderful facility and that we’re all in the over 40 age group and have a common bond in trying to prepare our bodies for our “later years” when things like cardiovascular, balance, co-ordination, strength, etc. are most important.

I can say that Avalon Fitness has changed my life in many ways. I know I look great, feel great and thoroughly enjoy the company of the many men and women who are facing the same issues that life presents at our age. What I must say, however, is that it would NEVER have been possible without the great staff. The trainers are amazing are genuinely interested in you and moving you forward with your goals. Keep pushing us, because it’s working!

My one caution: nothing good comes easily. Your have to work hard if you want to see the great benefits. I’ve been there and worked through it all and I’m enjoying the compliments coming my way!

- Barb Hagen

A year and a half ago, I decided to take stock of my life, and a big part of that was deciding to live a healthy life. The first step was to find a facility that I felt would focus on teaching me to exercise well and to give me guidance to what I could do on my own. Well, I found such a place - Avalon Fitness! This is a place that you can feel comfortable to work out at your own pace, but there is also tremendous encouragement to push yourself. In fact, I have found motivation from other members that are older! They look so fantastic and I hope to look as good as them.

I have now reached my weight goal (20 lbs less!) and feel great. I have also learned to eat a lot better - so with the combination of regular exercise and eating well, I am healthier than ever before! Thank you Avalon Fitness!

- Colleen Derrick

Going to the gym has never been something that I wanted to do, however, knowing the benefits of fitness, I decided to take a new approach and join Avalon Fitness. Avalon Fitness is more than a gym; it’s a community designed to meet the needs of those aged

We all have game changers in life, and this place is it for me. When I first started, I was 15 pounds heavier and in soft shape, but with the support of an amazing staff and personal trainers, my life has turned around. Avalon Fitness has an excellent assortment of fitness equipment, and by far the best fitness classes around (Martin, thank you for always inspiring change).

The other source of inspiration comes from the amazing group of people that are the members aged in their forties, fifties, sixties and those hard to keep up to seventies! Change is never easy…Avalon Fitness definitely makes it easier.

- Carol Cirillo

I’ve been a member of Avalon Fitness for over 5 years. It is a fantastic facility. The gym and locker room areas are always spotless. There is a great selection of equipment which is well maintained. The staff and trainers are very friendly and knowledgeable. I would wholeheartedly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a place to achieve their fitness goals in a non-intimidating atmosphere.

- Joanna Kennedy

This is the first year my wife and I have been retired together and as part of this new stage in our lives, we decided to become more fit and healthy. Avalon Fitness matches these needs perfectly. In a non-intimidating and friendly atmosphere, we have progressed through levels of ever-improving fitness. We attend a few group classes throughout the week and have benefited immensely from the encouragement and guidance of our personal trainer, Martin. We never find an excuse to not go to the gym. Instead, we always look forward to another session of some sweating, a little groaning and a lot of laughing.

- David and Barbara Bain

This is the third day of hiking in Israel. We are walking from sea to sea. We are presently 4 km from the Lebanon border and we can see the Syrian border in the distance. Today we climbed Mount Meron, the second highest mountain in Israel (1208 metres). I went with the advanced group and managed to stay in the top third of the pack. This is thanks to my coach, Martin and my cheerleaders, Adele and Barb. I want to thank Martin for the squats, I believe that is what got me up the mountain, and to my cheerleaders who encouraged and did the squats alongside of me. I know I couldn’t have done this last year!! Thanks for helping to get me here!

- Pat Nadeau

We joined Avalon Fitness in 2007 and continue to be pleased with our decision. Carmen does an excellent job running a first-class facility. The equipment is state-of-the-art and the atmosphere is very calm - no loud booming music. The personal trainers provide you with an appropriate program to improve your level of fitness. It is also a bonus to have the option of group classes. We highly recommend Avalon Fitness.

- John and Linda Kennedy

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